Camille Paglia's own Palin-like reasoning on Palin

“The question that keeps popping up for me is whether Palin, who was born in Idaho, could possibly be part Native American (as we know her husband is), which sometimes seems suggested by her strong facial contours. I have felt that same extraordinary energy and hyper-alertness billowing out from other women with Native American ancestry — including two overpowering celebrity icons with whom I have worked.”

I’m not surprised that Paglia digs Palin. Paglia loves a tough top who doesn’t care much for self-important institutional intellectual navel-gazing (she likes that kind of navel gazing out in the blogs and press).   I actually agree with Paglia on something-how crazy-that Palin is underestimated a lot.

I am amazed at how, in one sentence, Paglia turns her admiration for Palin into some kind of exoticized fetishism of Native American women (who apparently all have “extraordinary energy” and that also excited bt very different “hyper-alertness” celebrity worship and how great she, Paglia, is.

For the record, Palin doesn’t seem to have done much in terms of action to support Natives in Alaska. Amazing how many descendants of immigrants want to focus on who is a “real” American while forgetting the only people who can call this an ancestral home. 

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