A scientific explanation for the soul / conciousness

This is the most interesting stuff I’ve read that feels both intellectually honest and open to what we may not have known but religions and spiritualities often assume.

To say it more simply: is there some way to find scientfic inquiry or explanation into what we may feel but cannot prove about the interconnectedness of all people, the way thought and intention (sometimes called prayer) affect actions in the world, serendipity, the consciousness of matter. You know all that stuff that gets referred to as soul or God (or another name for it) from spiritual traditions.

I find when I make things (essays, plays, comedy, video etc) that the thing i am making eventually tels me what it needs. Stuart Skorman, an entrepreneur (reel.com, Elephant Pharmacy)I’ve done some consulting with says the same thing about creating a business.

Perhaps this means there is consciousness in everything and if you listen to it, it will tell you what is next. I don’t buy science and spirituality as mutually exclusive. Mostly becasue there are always so much we don’t understand that we can only come to see if we look for it.

I’ve been enjoying this discussion on Andrew Sullivan’s blog. In fact, I’ve been enjoying his blog a lot. It feels a lot more honest about politics than much of what I read in the major papers.