9 Responses to Forbes' 9 Reasons to not marry a career women

Forbes‘ article. Sadly, the slideshow has been taken down.

  1. It’s getting tougher to outsource well-being.
  2. Why write about your feelings when you can cite economic theory?
  3. Increased demand and illegible personal ads make it harder than ever to get hot illiterate chicks.
  4. Author Michael Noer now gets coveted cable talk show guest slot opposite Maureen Dowd
  5. Isn’t it cool that a male editor of a business magazine has now argued publicly that happiness is really the most important thing?
  6. One less guy I have to compete with for Angelina Jolie.
  7. Why create sustainable work and lives when we can have so much more fun fighting over what little time we have together now?
  8. Forbes offers GPS mate-tracker with every subscription renewal.
  9. Hey, if you guys are done with that marriage thing, mind passing it over here?