Great post by Derek Powazek on a new approach to print publishing via the web. He’s starting with a photo mag.
Derek guested on the talk show during the Intimacy theme.

There are a number of people I’ve known since the early web days who were always doing it with passion and an understanding and caring about community. Derek is one of the last to begin his own start-up and I’m sure will be innovative and successful. Back in the bubble days I wsa helping put flashed up versions of one of his early great site Kvetch on a system that played these little movies between web page loads (yes, I’m dating myself).

It really feels so good after the insanity to see great people doing great and *reasonable* things and see them make such a difference.  This is where much of Web 2.0 came from as far as I’m concerned (I’d include movable type and flickr in this camp)
Derek knows online comunity like few else and I’m very interested to see how this, ahem, develops.