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subvert with me live in SF 4/20

How do you get a worthwhile education? I’ll talk with Michelle Glaw Haynes, a writer raised by fundamentalist Christians out of school and taught herself through a promiscuous relationship with books, Michael Brown, an interactive installation artist who grew up off the grid and taught himself to make audio-animatronic figures when he was young and of course you. What happens when we’re left to our own devices?

Excellent conversation and people guaranteed.

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The Heather Gold Show: Process Over Outcome, May 12, 2008 – Listen to the podcast

Listen to the full discussion about genetics, weaving, software development, democracy, risk management, and a process that encourages the inclusion of multiple points of views when making a decision. With Denise Caruso, Jesse Simons, Travis Meinolf and other guests.

The Heather Gold Show: Process Over Outcome, May 12, 2008 (mp3 file, 34 MB)

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Oprah follows tHGS

Oprah just announced at the end of her 10 weeks with Eckhart Tolle that she’ll be continuing the Monday night webcasts as her Soul Series. This is the name of her weekly XM Radio broadcasts covering the spiritual stuff she’s most passionate about, but that she doesn’t feel the TV audience is ready for. I’ve heard her say so on the Radio show.

This is powerful stuff for the web and connecting people through talk shows online which is at the heart of the Heather Gold Show (tHGS) mission. She even used the Ghandi quote about “being the change you wish to see in the world” which I used for the first few shows.

If you want people to connect, the web is really much more the right medium than pure television.

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See me at Maker Faire today, hear me on the Radio tonight

I’ll be hosting tHGS today at Maker Faire. The theme is: DIY Relationship. How does problem solving differ from making stuff together to being a couple? Streaming live at 4:00 PDT today.

I’ll also be having a laugh at Out Loud, a queer radio show owned by Clear Channel. The official Republican line is not homo-friendly but that business/money love makes for entertaining bedfellows.

I can promise it will be funny.

Listen at 960AM KKGN in SF or online from 8-8:30pm PDT tonight.



"Are women less willing to speak their minds?"

My friend Cheryl Dahle (a woman with a great mind to speak) has alerted me that this is a question Salon and Lindsay Campbell and the newsvlog Moblogic have asked.

I think its the wrong question to ask if your goal is to have more women’s opinions spoken in public. A more helpful question is: what helps women talk on camera?
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