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My Google Talk. How to Tummel: Design for Conversation

I show and explain how to engage the room in a performance or talk. I teach this approach in UnPresenting workshops and in-house training.
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UnPresenting Ignite and new workshop dates: Toronto, San Francisco, Portland

I’ll be UnPresenting Ignite in San Francisco tonight. In a subversive way, of course. I’ve also announced new workshop dates:

  • San Francsico: piloting People and Presence: web experiences for connecting people to each other, especially in real-time with IXDA SF 5/9/12
  • Toronto 6/21/12 -with UnFinished Business. Last year’s Toronto workshop sold out so get tickets soon.
  • San Francisco 9/14/12. If you can provide a venue, contact me for a workshop discount.
  • Portland 10/12/12. Again, if you have a venue, get in touch for a discount.

Seattle and Vancouver are in the works. If you’d like me to speak or perform at your event or like to take the workshop, get in touch.

Tickets to and more about UnPresenting workshops.

Tummeling in 5 minutes – at #Gathering11 in Melbourne

My original How to Tummel Google talk, among other things, led David Hood to bring me to Australia where I spoke at this conference. Gathering 11 was a mix of personal growth, social media and thinking about the changing economy. Unfortunately it cuts off all the crowdwork I did at the beginning in which, I killed I tell you. I also implored the room with this nugget: “If someone can’t tell you you’re full of shit, it’s not a conversation” Politely deferring in public doesn’t not a conversation make.

I enjoyed teaching an UnPresenting workshop there and will be doing more in San Francisco soon after I speak at WordCamp SF. 8/15 is sold out to Automattic (makers of WordPress) but there are still slots available on 8/17 and early registration priced tix too!. Buy em now.

My Tools for Tummlers talk at WordCamp Seattle [video]

Here’s my talk on Tools for Tummlers at Seattle WordCamp. We need better ways to have conversations on our blogs and better options than facebook. Here’s a start at why and how. Sadly I can’t embed this on Facebook.

Keynoting Connect Up, UnPresenting and other Australia gigs

I’ve been getting a lot of calls lately that have led to lots of trips. The feeling of great things coming my way has been lovely. Ever since getting caught in the Icelandic volcano ended up with my driving across Eastern Europe with the leader of the Finnish opposition party playing Cold Play over and over, I’ve learned that anything can lead to anything.

A couple of months ago I played next the the Easter Bunny in the mall and Ani DiFranco at Get Lit Fest in Spokane. Then I headlined OUT/Loud at the University of Oregon.

You had to be there, in the room, to feel how the energy changed when Gold took over.

Her headlining performance, “I Look Like an Egg but I Identify as a Cookie,” engaged crowd members for more than an hour, shattering the traditional boundaries between performer and audience.

Oregon Register-Guard

Quickly after that came the first subvert show (f/k/a the Heather Gold Show) in Toronto and now I find myself in the most expensive hotel room I’ve ever been in in Melbourne Australia about to keynote ConnectingUp a conference for non-profits in the digital age.

Check my schedule for all the shows and gigs here in Australia in the next couple of weeks which include speaking at Google in Sydney at Gathering11 (a kind of mind meld for people looking to change the world) and I’ll be getting in some stand-up too. I’ve heard amazing things about comedy (and queer life) here in Melbourne and am really looking forward to hitting the clubs.

I’m also offering my UnPresenting workshop in Melbourne on 6/14. Limited tix are available here.

In the meantime, I’ve got that peculiarly western thing of loving the hell out of this plush hotel, but also hoping it was donated to the conference for non-profits.

If there are places you think I should see in Melbourne or Sydney or people to meet, let me know! I’d like to bring the Cookie show here for the Comedy Festivals and Mardi Gras.

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