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“I Look Like An Egg, but I Identify As A Cookie” ( performances inc. Austin’s Vortex Rep, NYC’s Ars Nova, Berkeley’s Shotgun Players)

The Law Project (performances inc. Austin’s Vortex Rep, NYC’s Dixon Place)

The Heather Gold Show: an interactive talk show (SF Sketchfest, Maker Faire, SxSW, JCCSF Elinor Friend Center for the Arts)

Roast the Net (Post Dot Com wake at SXSW w/Justin Hall, Mark Meadows, Kevin Smokler and more folks central to the early web)

Selected Clips

Video Chat is Terrible and About to Get Much Worse (medium)

In Understanding Ladybird, I Came to Understand Sacramento (Globe and Mail)

So, You’re Getting Divorced

Niagara Falls (Border Town)

I-Can’t-Believe-It’ (New Media Magazine back page column)

The Internet Universe (New Media Magazine backpage column)

Advice for the New Guard in Silicon Valley (San Jose Mercury News)

Building a Web Business on Copyright Infringement (Silicon Alley Reporter) the first piece to call the Napster problem (1999)

Gay Rights: Canada you surprised me (Globe & Mail)

Information Flow Demands a Compass, Not an Anchor (Encyclopedia Brittanica)

My Wrists, My Keyboard, My Trip to Hell (shift magazine)

Elementary School Confessions (Fray Magazine)

We’re Here, We’re Square, Get Used to It (This Magazine)

Who Wants to Be An Internet Millionaire (San Jose Mercury News)


Twitter Wit (contributor)


NPR / Circuits

CBC’s How to Do It (Uncle Ed’s Leg at min 10:03)

CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera (selections: Who Were You At Camp, Redemption, Geek Prayer at 32:13)

CBC’s Spark (vlogging)

CBC’s Sounds Like Canada

Hazlitt Podcast (Sex)


TWIT – This Week in Google panelist (select appearance)

Pajama TV (The use of social media during the Mumbai attack)

Microsoft = Christians, Apple = Jews (shift TV)

I always wanted a dog (videoblog for Dabble)

The Future Starts Here – creative consultant / punch up for Tiffany Shlain’s hit aol series with over 20 million views.


shift magazine – contributing editor

Yahoo! FinanceVision – contributor

Digital Mogul – contributor / industry analyst covering convergence of tech and entertainment

TechTV – regular panelist

New Media Magazine – back page columnist

The Future Starts Here – creative consultant / punch up for Tiffany Shlain’s hit aol series with over 20 million views.

Radio Ink – back page columnist


TummelVision Co-creator and co-host (with Deb Schultz, Kevin Marks) on TWIT and then independent.

Morning Jew Co-creator and co-host (with Katie Halper).

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