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PEP Progressive Except on Palestine: Morning Jew Ep. 47

On today’s Morning Jew episode, we discuss PEPs, Progressive Except on Palestine, the difference between Israeli and American hawkish zionists, PEJs Progressives Except on Jews, why Holocaust survivors reject Israeli policies while some Jews can’t and look at HOT LIVE Israeli-Jew-on-Israeli-Government-Criticism! Plus, we have an idea for how we can bring peace to the Middle East. You can subscribe to the show here.

Live From Rio during the World Cup: Morning Jew Ep.38

Morning Jew is the weekly show I do with NY comic Katie Halper. This week, we talk to Brazilian Journalist Mariana Rebuá Simões about the World Cup, and naked soccer players and their hair. Plus, who is the one Jew in the entire World Cup? Found out! And celebrate how soccer is the only professional sport which lets us objectify men! 

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morning Jew Ep 8 (10/18/2013)

I’m enjoying doing this weekly morning show with my pal NY comic Katie Halper. We review the week’s headlines and ask: Is it good for the Jews? It’s so morning show sometimes you even get a true morning face from me, like in this week’s episode. This week we hit topics from the hugs: how do political parties really work in America to what a good Jerry Seinfeld interview sounds like.

If you want to know if something is good for the Jews, just ask or (more likely) tell us.
The show is at http://morningJewz.com .

10/4/13 Woody Allen is the ultimate shonda, Miley Cyrus and critical history of bras for Jewesses.

Are Woody Allen, Miley Cyrus, Sinead O’Connor or the government shutdown good for the Jews? Show notes.

Also: a special outtake. Heather is busted.

More morning Jew.

Real Winning: My Basketball Redemption Story on CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera

I had another story on CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera which aired across Canada a few weeks ago. For those of you who don’t live in Canada, DNTO is a bit like This American Life, but with shorter stories and more of them. And Canadian towns. This story takes place in Sudbury when I was 12 years old at a Zionist camp. I was obsessed with basketball. And I had a very powerful experience which affected the course of my life as a performer and a person. I learned the power of truth and how a room can change with it. Listen here.


#Mumbai synagogue pix. Reflections on the current terrorist hostage crisis and Muslims as the Jews of India

We visited the synagogue in Mumbai last summer. There are very few Jews left in Mumbai and the man who takes care of the shul told us it is difficult to regularly have a Minyan (10 males of age – this is an orthodox community). Most Indian Jews from Mumbai moved to Israel he said.

It was really cool to be in country that has no history, that I’m aware of, of persecuting Jews. On the contrary, Cochin in particular welcomed Jews. 

I’m amazed that the terrorists in Mumbai right now could even find Jews to hold hostage. They took over the Chabad there. Some hostages have been freed. Israel has just sent in rescue forces.

My time in India this summer gave me great hope that India could be a place that plays some role in connecting Jews and Muslims peacefully. There is certainly a time zone and economic connection between Israel and India’s tech businesses. For all of it’s internal issues India, especially the southern region of Kerala where we were all summer, has a long history of familiarity and peace between Muslims and Hindus.

In fact, the Muslim folks I met felt very familiar to me like the Jews of India: 

  • a monotheist culture that focussed on head covering, halal (like kashrut / keeping kosher),
  • intense focus on keeping things clean (small Muslim shops really stood out to me),
  • avoiding many physical representations  of God (Hinduism and Christianity both have that in common),
  • a minority mindset (for better and for worse) and a deep sense of cross-national  connection to others of similar faith/culture.
  • And I could have been imagining this part, but there seemed to be a similar vibe of intense family merg-y involvement mixing up loyalty, love, anxiety and driving each other meshugenah (crazy).

Perhaps something good will come out of all this horror in Mumbai right now. That city is relentless. And to get it to quiet down, ironically coinciding on American Thanksgiving (when Americans touch on a little of the gratitude I saw Hindu Indians practice all day long without trying) sure means something.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

Jews are about to be governed by Mormons

Number of Mormons in California: 761, 763  (2006 #s)

Number of Jews in California : 999,000 (2001 #s)

The Mormon Church is about to change the California Constitution on November 4th to make my Jewish wedding unConstitutional because I married a woman.

The Mormon Church is going to make its religious doctrine our secular law because people who aren’t gay aren’t that involved right now. But you will be affected. The main argument for Prop 8 is that civil legal inclusion of marriages like mine oppose fundamentalist Christianity.

If you are not Mormon, you’re about to live in a country in which that religion’s current doctrine is about to become a good reason to amend a State’s Constitution, unless you do something about it.

Jews are used to feeling like a minority but there are *more of us* than there are Mormons in California. And, like many Mormons have shown, you don’t have to live in California to donate or spread the word.

Nov. 5th you will probably have President Obama and a Democratic Congress and -while you weren’t thinking it wasn’t your issue- a changed Constitution in CA that excludes a minority from legal protection because our lives don’t sit well with their fundamentalist Christian doctrine.

It was conflict over the afterlife when the Mormon Church was found to be baptizing Holocaust victims.Prop 8 is a spiritual presumption over our civic laws that govern us now.And I’ve always been taught that how well we lives our lives now is what Judaism is about. That, and a lean corned beef on rye with a half sour pickle.

We can still *easily* defeat prop 8. The Mormon Church has organized for a long time for this fight. Their donation and online numbers reflect their maxed out participation. We are neck and neck.

You will be affected. Will you be involved?

Vote no on 8. DonateJoin on faceBook to be counted. Spread the word. Forward this on.

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