When the things you thought were certain fall away, who are you?
Even America is not for sure any more.

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Everything Is Subject to Change is an exploration of my experience of loss in a time when the pace of loss is accelerating. Structures are falling apart. Something new is being born.

Heather was engaging, she was able to throw an intimate blanket over the audience. She pulled them into her personal story and made them part of the experience. The audience actively asked her questions and she weaved her response into the performance. From an artistic perspective, I saw how she did it, she connected people and allowed them to come to grips with reality. She made it feel like its their story too.
social artist and workshop participant Suzanne Ngyugen, Sydney Australia

The best kind of disruption. Heather reminds us that we all suffer, and that, in the face of that suffering, telling stories helps more than a bit. We get a hit of the real thing. And of course she’s also funny as hell. – Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, Oakland USA

Riveting…honest…one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. former theatre critic and workshop participant Jimmy Waites, Sydney Australia

Show development

Live/Work – San Francisco, 1999

Notes on Sperm

So, You’re Getting Divorced?

Institutions Fail: Loss and the Net (2011 ContactCon)

What is Home?


I Surrender

Other People’s Keys

Past Workshops:

Seattle, March 5th 2011

Portland – Living Room Workshop w pie, May 2011

Toronto – I Just Love That I’m So Into You, Winter 2011

Portland – Living Room Workshop w pie, Oct 2012

Litquake – Other People’s Keys, Mill Valley Library, Oct 2012

Porchlight – I Surrender (listen), San Francisco, May 2012

San Francisco – Monday Night Marsh, Marsh Theatre, May 2013

San Francisco – Solo Sundays Stage Werx, May 2013

San Francisco – Bawdy Storytelling, Verdi Club, Sept 2013

Sydney, Australia –  Web Directions – October 2013

Berkeley – TMI Storytelling, Spring 2014

Alameda –November 23rd 2014 hosted by Rusty Blazenhoff

San Francisco – Solo Sundays, Stage Werx January 2015

Oakland – March 2015 – hosted by Lisa Gluskin and Erich Stonestreet

Dixon Place NYC. – May 19, 2015.

Oakland – July 2015 – hosted by Andrea Clark and Mark Addleman

San Francisco – Killing It – Fall 2016

Berkeley – Summer 2016 – hosted by Gary Pinsky

Yarn – Oakland – Fall 2016

National Queer Arts Fest – Some Things You Lose. Some Things You Give Away Spring 2017 w/Celeste Chan, Natalia Vigil, Cooper Lee Bombardier and Reggie Cabico


Post here or on twitter with #EISTC to join the ongoing conversation about loss, living in flux, ritual and our economy and culture losing many of its institutions. Hilarious, right? What did you or your world lose in the last few years? Tell me.Want to book the show?

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