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Geek Prayer, my story on CBC’s Definitely Not the Opera


I just had my first story on Definitely Not the Opera, a This American Life-ish show on national radio in Canada and Sirius XM hosted by Sook-Yin Lee (Shortbus). This episode is themed: What Happens When You Pray? My story is about geek prayer and what happened to me during my life changing accident in 2006. I blogged about it some back then. The science-y blog I’m referring to in the story is Collision Detection belonging to Clive Thompson.

I’m really excited because I grew up listening to the CBC. I’ve had a few other appearances on it before on the programs Spark and Sounds Like Canada but this is a really great personal story. There’s no real equivalent in the US. Imagine NPR but one that literally the entire country listens to and loves.

This episode includes other Canadian artists like Diane Flacks and Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson. You’ll here my story at about minute 32. Listen here.

[video] Possibility and living big: Steve Jobs’ effect on my life

Thanks to my friend Brad King for his example and encouragement.

You can buy the routine I mention MSFT=XIANS,APPL=JEWS here.

My piece on vlogging airs on CBC's Spark today

I spend a lot of time going between coasts and between the online and offline “real” world. In order to bridging the geek/non-geek divide, I went to Port Jefferson Long Island to explain vlogging.

Listen 20 minutes in.

This is a short, This American Life-ish piece. And I stand by my assertion that within 5 years, so vlogging will be so commonplace, we probably won’t use that term for it anymore.

Daily Epigram: trust

There’s no hack for building trust.

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