Jonathan Coulton and indie creative success

Fantastic post by Jonathan Coulton on his success as an indie artist on the Net. He is living the dream of the middle class musician many of us had working on music in the early Web days (I thinking specifically of my time in Apple’s early music and webcasting group in 96).

I feel that the talk show will continue to grow in a similar (but not exactly similar) way. Although I envy the simplicity of pure performing sometimes. Just you and the audience. The talk show takes a lot more organizing, multiple cameras etc. But I love it so much. I love bringing people together. I love a mind/heart jam session.

How do you see creative growth online happening for things other than music?

Tip of the hairs to Derek Powazek for the link.

If you have a hard time getting it to load, it’s probably because half the Internet is reading it.