Dear Governor Schwarzennegger

I wrote you last year to ask you to sign the genter-neutral marriage bill. I am writing again to ask the same thing. I hope I do not have to keep writing you.

I am a gay Californian and registered independent. I am marrying my fiancee in San Francisco next June. Unfortunately we have to have a second wedding in Canada so that we can be legally married. My fiancee and I (and the many other same-sex couples in California) deserve equality and the many legal rights that come with legal marriage, or unions or whatver it is you or the people in your focus groups feel comfortable calling it.

Given that this legislation keeps passing the California legislature, it is obviously the will of the people of California. The only thing I ca see you gaining from vetoing it is help within certain parts of the Republican party in the rest of the country.

Please have some courage and do the right thing. Gay marriage in California is inevitable. Signing this bill now would make history and be an act of true leadership. You were elected by promising not to just be another politician. Please prove it. Take a stand for equality and sign this bill.


Heather Gold
San Francisco, CA

Yes, this is really the letter I sent.
Please write him too. The bill is Gender Neutral marriage AB000043.

How did you prepare for your wedding?