daily epigram: feminism predicted web 2.0

daily epigram

This occurred to me while I was attending Meshforum 2006. There were lots of different presentations full of excited hope about viewing the World and Everything In It (including business) As Networks.

Here’s what I got from feminism (and the Sisterhood from the shul in my small town on Niagara Falls) long before Web 2.0 starting pushing these truths into a business reality that seems connected enough to butch stuff like routers and executive summaries to feel real and important to a whole new group of people.

• deep connection comes through small networks of people

• discussion is action

• gossip builds social bonds and keeps local news alive

• publicallly acknowleding private truth is transformative

>this is proceeded by witnessing your own truth which has been previously disbelieved in public

• an integration of both “male and female” roles is better for the individual and general good. It is evolution and eventually removes the ghettoization of functionality (so 19th century). Feeling (“feminine”, expressing (with feeling = “feminine”, with Powerpointing = “masculine”) and distributing (“via hierarchy = “masculine, via distributed network = “feminine”)
• If you come to an agenda with an issue, say so.

> Ok, so this used to look like “speaking as a differently-abled, lactose-intolerant, Latina …” But it’s exactly the principle that Scoble and others use to keep credibility in their business blogging