Equality Summit v Courage Campaign

Bear in mind that these two events had different purposes and here really hadn’t been an airing of what happened in the No on 8 campaign, which is why the Equality Summit happened, along with the question of what to do next. My experience so far

Equality Summit
>organized by dozens of groups and a committee of over 50
>expensive impersonal convention center
>rock hard bagels
>check you off on a list
>wifi available for pay ($14/day_ few power outlets)
>tables with tablecloths for seating
>panels with lawyers
>anger between audience and plenaries. Questions unanswered about past
>facilitators provided for breakout sessions with flip charts for writing notes
>multiple plenary sessions with opening and closing comments by politicians and everyone who politically had to be included
>Obama mentioned a few times from stage

Camp Courage
>organized by a few paid staff for Campaign Courage
>donated rec center in W Hollywood
>nice soft bagels, packets of trail mix, fruit, little powdered sugar donuts
>please find your own name on the registration list
>free wifi + many extension cords
>open seating in assigned small groups (6-8) with new people to meet
>storytelling sessions
>no focus on past
>people running own sessions with info structure
>no plenary sessions: multiple airings of stories from veteran organizers
>Obama campaign referenced a great deal (Camp Obama + Equality Camp models for Camp Courage): Mantra borrowed from Obama campaign for entire event and practice: Respect – Empower – Include