Poem: You are safer than you know

In the interconnected moments that make up our lives/
Nodes and joints are built solid to take the weight of our now/
Before we know they’re there.

We live /
We take the step /
That the religious call faith/
That writers call arc /
That scientists measure as tendency/
That we all call living /

And the weight is held/
By all of them
And then we know Love


I wrote this for Dr. Leonard Schlain a physician, writer and father of my friend Tiffany when she emailed me along with many colleagues and friends to ask for help visualizing healing for Dr Schlain during his surgery for brain cancer.

 I was just reading a Fritjof Capra book this summer about Capra’s Journey writing the Tao of Physics.  Dr Schlain played a significant part in Capra’s coming together with a group of people at Esalen to work on the ideas, including the physicians who created mind body visualization work with cancer.