This was posted on 9/22/08. On that day there were few No on 8 signs in windows in San Francisco.
This shows you how late in the game Prop8 game to broad attention outside the grassroots religiously-motivated movement on the right to amend the Constitution. It also shows that the Yes on 8 movement had an organized Net presence long before No did, and just how late in the game NO began to use the Net. I’ve removed the pledge widget.

There is a proposition on the CA ballot on November 4th that HOPES TO AMEND THE CA CONSTITUTION in order to end my marriage. Yes, I’m taking this personally because if prop 8 passes, it will literally end my marriage.

When I looked online today, there were over 34,000 people ending my marriage and not nearly so many who wanted to save it.

To save my marriage:

1. Vote No on Prop 8.
•Add reminder to your calendar.
•Get text reminders to your cell phone to Vote no on 8 on November 4th. You’ll have to join twitter to do this.
•Pledge below to do it (this was the only widget app I could find to do this, so yes you need to vote against prop 8 before we know if 8,085,885 others will. Unless of course we can get that many to sign this pledge which would completely blow my mind in the greatest way. I got this number from the Secretary of State)

2. Tell everyone you know in CA to do the same.

3. Let everyone on Myspace know. I don’t spend so much time there.

4. Donate. $=TV time and word spreading.
(Right now, Homewreckers = $20MM Love= $11MN)

Handy FAQ

Isn’t this already taken care of?
NO. Hey, I don’t want to be naggin’ ya. It’s the folks who put Prop 8 on the ballot who are keeping this this going. They were pissed that a bunch of Republican-appointed judges found marriage discrimination unConstitutional, so they are working to amend the Constitution. The Mormon Church is working very hard to pass prop 8.

I saw gay people get married on Will&Grace / US Magazine / Ellen.
Hey that’s cool. But TV and the law are not always the same thing. Legal marriage for me in California only became possible on June 17th, 2008. If you don’t vote against prop 8, it will end on Nov 4th. Britney and Kevin were married way longer than that, but they got to end their marriage the American way. On their own. We love being married and want to stay that way.

I thought the court already made marriage open to everyone in California?
It did. And we got married legally. But now Prop 8 will amend the CA Constitution to end my marriage (and my right to re-marry) unless you vote against it.

But the polls say most people in California support marriage equality. What are your panties in a twist?
Because I know you have important things to do. You have cereal to buy, and drinks to have and a job to do and a test to study for and World of Warcraft to play and parents and children to deal with and keys to find.

This is not the top thing on your list of things to do. I want you to know this vote is happening. If you and everyone else that polls says opposes writing discrimination into California’s Constitution just votes, then my marriage can go back to being less important to you than finding your keys. That is completely cool with me.

How did you organize a wedding just 4 days after the law changed?
We’d actually planned the San Francisco wedding for a year. The law changed only 4 days before our ceremony which then became legal.

Does it really matter that it’s legal?
You bet your ass. I want to have custody of the children that I have to plan a couple of years to have. I’m not as lucky as Bristol Palin. I can’t just have one accidentally.

But I live in Bakersfield /insert conservative California town here. No one believes in gay marriage.
I’m not asking anyone to believe in gay marriage and whatever that means to you. I’m asking you to save my marriage. I will gladly come to your living room or school or town and do some stand-up and hang out with anyone who wants to ask me any questions about what my marriage means for them or anything else y’all want to know so you can understand prop 8 or my marriage. Stacey’s busy. She’s in med school. If you get 25 people together and a couch for me to crash on, I will come. Gas is expensive. Email me to ask.

But my church has a right, and I have a right to believe the Bible and what we believe. My church shouldn’t be forced to marry you.
Absolutely. There’s nothing in the law that forces any religion to recognize my marriage. I’m Jewish, and you don’t need to share my beliefs. I don’t need to share yours. But we need to share the same Constitution. Seriously, we have so many bigger problems in California we could be spending our time solving together. Recession anyone?

Seriously, gay marriage threatens the sanctity of marriage.
I am married right now. Is it hurting you or your marriage?

I got an invite to a lesbian or gay wedding and am not sure how to deal there?
Here’s my Lesbian Wedding Etiquette tips.

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