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My infamous Gossip panel @ SXSW08 (video 60 min.)

During my SXSW panel, Gossip,tech scene gossip-ee Julia Allison booed Chief Valleywag and gossiper Owen Thomas, then ended up joining our panel, sitting on my lap and became part of a carousing, unpredictable conversation that was twittered, liveblogged on Valleywag twice while it went on. Lane Becker called it “The best panel I’ve ever been to at SXSW.”

As the conversation went on the room filled up to capacity. It was the first time people packed a location because people tweeted out that they should come check it out.

2021 Update: Sadly blip.tv is no more and I’ve not yet found another copy of the video of the panel. If I do, I’ll re-post it. There are links to coverage and live-blogging of this event–one of my favourites of my career so far–here.

The SXSW week in a nutshell

What follows is an ungrammatical list of sorts. It reflects the elated tiredness. This is why I’m waiting until after a short break to energize and collect my thoughts to dig into the deeper stuff about SXSW and the video.

Here is a short, hazy trip through my happy mind:

Launched a new web site for The Heather Gold Show, 4 shows in 2 cities. Great, packed shows. One was live-blogged on Valleywag twice as it happened and was declared “The best panel at SXSW, ever,” one show included getting to sing Flagpole Sitta with Jonathan Coulton, then following on the show withSean Nelson, one of the guys who wrote it.
We will have some great video up soon.

 8 tacos. endless numbers of great geeks and conversations, 1 movie about Humboldt County (so-so), 1 short video made in our apartment last summer about mannequins (awesome),


Join tHGS online tonight 8pm CST: Opting Out (now with Sean Nelson from Harvey Danger)

The show is shaping up to be amazing. My Gossip panel here at SXSW yesterday was Off The Hook. I invited Julia Allison up to join us onstage and things went from there. We ended up on Valleywag while it was still going on, and having a racous, open discussion of the Zuckerberg/Lacy keynote trainwreck.

We’ll be posting the video of Gossip here and at heathergold.com. I’ll also be posting about how SXSW could have avoided all the Keynote problems and why Presentations are Pointless. As the crowd at SXSW showed. Older notions of authority and presentation are outdated.

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