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May 7 2021
Jeff Bezos sells off 5B of Amazon stock, signals more coming
HT Ellen Pao

“under a pre-arranged trading plan, according to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings. He plans to sell as many as 2 million shares, according to a separate filing.”
“Jeff Bezos sold $2.4 billion of stock, bringing the amount he’s unloaded this week to almost $5 billion

May 7 2021
DailyBeast runs Melinda warned Bill Gates about Jeffrey Epstein piece
details MSFT Epstein connections

May 4 2021
Bill and Melinda Gates announce divorce

Apr 23 2021
US Judge Presses for July Trial, as Ghislaine Maxwell Pleads Not Guilty to New Sex-Trafficking Charges

Apr 22 2021
Eric Schmidt appt Chair of Board of Broad Inst (Epstein meetee/Edge Biden appointee still in committee Eric Landers old org)

Mar 26, 2021 Harvard announces it will close Epstein-funded PED run by Director Martin Nowak ““as soon as it is feasible.” Nowak loses some privileges for a couple of years but “will continue to teach undergraduate courses.”

Mar 26 2021
Leon Black steps down from MoMa Board

Mar 22 2021 Leon Black steps down from Apollo Board where he had been Chairman

Mar 18 2021
Les Wexner + Abigail Wexner step down from L Brands Board

Feb 4 2021
Genetic testing firm 23andMe is going public via a SPAC backed by Richard Branson

Feb 2 2021 Jeff Zucker steps down from CNN

Feb 2 2021 Jeff Bezos stepping down from Amazon

Jan 25 2021
Leon Black steps down as CEO of Apollo

Jan 25 2021 Media reports Leon Black paid Jeffrey Epstein $158 million between 2012-2017, Will remain Chairman.

Nov 4 2020
Jeff Bezos sells 10BN of Amazon stock

Jul 2 2020
Ghislaine Maxwell is arrested

May 1 2020 Harvard releases a report on its relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Coverage says: “Jeffrey Epstein visited Harvard University’s campus more than 40 times after his 2008 sex crimes conviction and was given his own office and unfettered access to a research center he helped establish.” Places Epstein fundee Martin Nowak, who ran the Epstein program titled P.E.D. Harvard Crimson reported: “Epstein likely made more than 40 visits to PED’s offices at One Brattle Square between 2010 and 2018″…and “played an “indirect but significant role” in facilitating a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to PED in 2015.”

According to a footnote in the report: “A number of the Harvard faculty members we interviewed also acknowledged that they visited Epstein at his homes in New York, Florida, New Mexico or the Virgin Islands, visited him in jail or on work release, or traveled on one of his planes,” the report noted in a footnote, according to CNBC.”

Feb 20 2020
Les Wexner steps down as CEO from L Brands

Feb 5 2020
LinkedIn (now owned by MSFT) CEO Jeff Weiner steps down

Jan 21 2020
Jeff Bezosphone hacked by MbS

Jan 10 2020 MIT releases a report on its relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Sep 10 2019
Jack Ma steps down from Alibaba

Aug 26 2019
No one from current major investors in 23andme remain on the Board including Esther Dyson observes a puzzled healthcare tech consultant

Aug 19 2019 Reported that Bill Gates science advisor Boris Nikolic is an executor named in Jeffrey Epstein’s will.

Aug 10 2019 Epstein dies in prison

Jul 17 2019
Mark Zuckerberg once met Jeffrey Epstein at a dinner hosted by LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman that Elon Musk Peter Thiel and Joi Ito also attended

Dec 24 2019 Travis Kalanick leaves Uber’s Board

Dec 13 2019 Harvard‘s George Church is developing a dating app to “reduce genetic disease” criticized as eugenics.

Dec 4 2019
Sergei and Larry step down from Alphabet

Dec 3 2019
Terrible Zuckerberg interview w Gayle King inside home

Nov 20 2019
Terrible Prince Andrew interview on Epstein

Oct 12 2019
Bill Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein Many Times Despite His Past

Oct 5 2019
Melinda Gates pledges 1 Billion to “promote gender equity”
(HT Sarah Szalavitz)

Sept 26 2019 Buzzfeed runs a piece on John Brockman‘s Edge and how it was funded by Epstein, its dinners attended by Epstein and possible co-conspirator Sarah Kellen and how few of the science or tech folks in Edge have left or said anything to condemn the Epstein connection

Sep 8 2019
LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman defended a former MIT official who accepted donations from Jeffrey Epstein

Sept 7 2019
Joi Ito resigns from MIT Media Lab
(and following this NYT Board, Macarthur Board, Knight Foundation Board)

Jul 15 2019 Media reports Epstein funded John Brockman’s Edge Foundation, that Edge had scrubbed pages and details related to Epstein, that Sarah Kellen identified as a potential Epstein co-conspirator appears in photos of the Edge “billionaire” dinner with science and tech people during TED and that Epstein attended in person the 1999, 2000, and 2011 dinners and names some of the others there. You can find lists of the attendees via Edge’s site in the Wayback Machine.

Jul 6 2019
Jeffrey Epstein is arrested

Apr 30 2019
Eric Schmidt leaves Alphabet Board

Mar 8 2019
Sam Altman steps down from Y Combinator
(to work on Musk, Hoffman, thiel funded Open AI)

Jan 9 2019
Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announce divorce

Fall 2019 Ghislaine Maxwell attends Jeff Bezos‘ Campfire retreat with Scott Borgerson

Dec 19 2018
Ev sells half his twitter stock

Oct 25 2018 Alphabet reportedly paid Android leader [Andy Rubin] a $90 million exit package despite credible sexual misconduct claims against him

Nov 2018 Miami Herald publishes Julie Brown’s Perversion of Justice piece about the light deal Acosta cut that helped Epstein in his 2008 conviction and the injustices and harms done to the survivors

Mar 25 2018
MbS visits MIT + Media Lab

Oct 20 2018 Sundar Pichai sends memo to all Google employees saying “the company has fired 48 people over the last two years for sexual harassment, including 13 “senior managers and above,”

Nov 5 2017
Yuri Milner, Zuckerberg, Ev
Russia funded Facebook and Twitter investments through Kushner investor

Aug 2017 “publicist” Masha Drokova emails Science journalist Jeffrey Mervis “asking whether I wanted to interview her client, Jeffrey Epstein” about Trump’s proposed science budget cuts (HT Bryan Campen)

Jun 23 2017 Reid Hoffman posts asking for a DecencyPledge about the ongoing harassment and abuse of women in tech

May 11 2017 The Story of Masha Drokova, a Putin Acolyte Turned Silicon Valley Investor “Esther Dyson…has been a mentor to Ms Drokova and backed her visa. (HT Bryan Campen)

July 2016 Reid Hoffman gives $250,000 to MIT Media Lab run by Joi Ito to create an award for “ethical disobedience.”

June 2 2016 Saudi Arabia’s MbS invests 3.5 BN in Uber. As of Nov11 2019 it increased ” The Saudi Public Investment Fund is also a big backer of Softbank’s massive Vision Fund (it has over $100 billion in assets), which has a 16% stake in Uber ownership….The investment was – and remains – the largest lump-sum investment from a foreign government in a U.S. startup.” As of 5/8/21 the company remains unprofitable.

Sept 12 2014 Epstein has call with geneticist George Church and James Clement, longevity expert

June 21 2014 Epstein lunches with George Church at Harvard

Apr 22 2014 Epstein met with Church at the Harvard Medical School’s Genetics Department building

Nov 30 2014 Jeffrey Epstein met at Harvard, [his] calendar lists a dinner with multiple attendees: “Dinner w/ Jeff Epstein, Joi Ito, Reid Hoffman and Martin Nowak, 8pm, Martin Nowak’s institute, 1 Brattle Square, Suite 6, Cambridge, MA.” The address matches the address for the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics.

Oct 31 2014 Andy Rubin leaves Google

Jan 13 2014
Yandex adds FB posts and big data to its results in Russia
“Yandex, which accounts for around 60% of all searches in Russia, will also use Facebook firehose data to help provide more relevant results.”

Dec 19 2012 23andme refers to George Church as part of its scientific advisory board.

Dec 11 2012
Yuri Milner invests in 23andme

Nov 19 2012 Pierre and Pam Omidyar create and fund anti-trafficking organization that rolls up existing anti-trafficking groups. “Former eBay colleague Jeff Skoll and Google cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have both backed antislavery initiatives through their respective foundations after consulting with Humanity United”

Oct 1 2012
Mark Zuckerberg Visits Moscow, Meets With Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

Jul 28 2011. Google‘s Married Chairman [Eric Schmidt] Has a New Girlfriend — and Boy Is She His Type

July 5 2011
Yuri Milner invests in AirBNB

Jan 20 2011
Eric Schmidt steps down as Google CEO

Dec 2010 Epstein has a gathering to celebrate when he is released from fancy jail. Prince Andrew and tech/science literary agent and Edge organizer John Brockman attend. Prince Andrew discusses this in his 2019 BBC interview

Nov 16 2010 Yuri Milner makes a change in Silicon Valley. He doesn’t take seats on the Boards of companies in which he invests and “It’s pioneered a new kind of investment model in which it buys big stakes of companies that are said to be on the cusp of an IPO, leading to the adoption of the term “DST-style” investment in Valley jargon.”

Oct 29 2010
Yandex and Facebook strike a deal

Feb 16 2010 Esther Dyson, Jack Dorsey, Shervin Pishevar and Ashton Kutcher are part of State Dept trip to Russia. Includes Medvedev and anti-trafficking meetings.

Jan 2010 Jeffrey Epstein hosts Mindshift conference his island. Isabel Maxwell‘s partner Al Seckel (whom pretended to have a PhD and also to be married to Isabel) co-hosted. Brock Pierce “creator of virtual currencies and goods” attended as did a number of scientists connected to Edge including Murray Gell-Mann. List.

April 17 2009 Ev appears on Oprah and Ashton Kutcher promotes twitter with follower competition with CNN. “Twitter is an Internet-based tool that allows individuals or organizations to send short messages to computer screens and mobile devices, alerting followers about anything from breaking news to the sender’s sometimes mundane activities.

Mar 31 2009
Anne Wojcicki‘s 23andMe holds fashion week party with Ivanka Trump promoting company
NYT reports Wendy Deng and Harvey Weinstein as token investors

Jul 1 2008 Jeffrey Epstein goes to fancy jail as a sex offender.

Jul 25 2007 Esther Dyson, then an early investor and Board Member of 23andme writes a WSJ column: “I’m one of 10 members of Harvard geneticist George Church’s Personal Genome project…I believe that the broader spread of this kind of medical and personal information is inevitable”

May 16 2007
Brin and Wojcicki marry at David Copperfields island

April 12 2005 Esther Dyson meets with Jeffrey Epstein in Sarov, Russia. Photo from Dyson’s feed.

2005 At Harvard “professor Stephen M. Kosslyn, now emeritus, named Epstein a visiting fellow in the Psychology department, Bacow wrote in an email announcing the review last September. According to Friday’s report, Epstein — who did not hold an undergraduate degree — was not qualified for the research he applied to conduct, nor did he conduct much of that research during his two-year appointment.”

Nov 1 1999 Brock Pierce, then 18 and VP of DEN resigns along with he EVP and Chairman. The DEN made streaming shows with child actors. Fast Company reported: “Eventually, a number of these acolytes would file lawsuits alleging they were raped and/or sexually abused at M&C; by the three cofounders. Their charges are remarkably consistent—all claim they were bullied and drugged to coerce sexual compliance, and in some cases, threatened with loaded guns. When the plaintiffs filed civil suits against Collins-Rector, Shackley, and Pierce, the three suddenly disappeared with what remained of their fortune—turning up two years later living in a villa in Spain. They were arrested by local authorities, who uncovered “an enormous collection of child porn,” according to Spanish police report.”

April 1998 Esther Dyson with Nathan Myhrvold on Microsoft trip to Russia.

car diary

videochat tsuris and how to think about software that helps people listen

Read it here.

DM to a Mansplainer: Final Notice Any Woman Deserving a Real Apology Can Use to Save Emotional Labour

I’m sharing this text of a Final Notice to help any woman out there who needs it to save time and labour.

Taking responsibility means making it about you. Understanding something of what life is like for women means reading and paying attention and listening to us and not presuming you always have something to teach us without paying any attention to the context or listening to me. I am taking my own valuable time to have interacted with you about this several times and explain a piece of misogyny to a white guy for free. I will not do it again. You have all the tools as a nerd to figure out more about this if you wish to. I will be making use of the time I put into writing this to share it on my feeds in general. Imagine this was all day long. All day long. And it’s a fraction of the crap we deal with. For WOC and queer women there’s more. All unpaid.

My Sacramento Ladybird Pilgrimage in the Globe and Mail

I drove to Sacramento to see Ladybird. l have a piece about Sacramento in the pre-Oscar edition of Canada’s national paper.

(a little bonus California adventuring).

Why Did President Obama Post About DACA On Facebook?

While I’m glad President Obama addressed DACA, I am very concerned that he posted his response on Facebook. Facebook is a privately owned platform. The company chooses who sees the post in their feeds without explaining to anyone why or how it makes that decision. It is also a platform responsible (though we yet don’t exactly know how responsible) for targeted voter suppression campaigns run on the last election. President Obama has a web site. Why did he not first post his statement there? He could have easily had that post cross-posted to various other platforms like medium, twitter and yes, Facebook, if his concern was reaching the most people.

Privatizing our public space, not to mention handing over data about our political positions and stances to a private company, are incredibly relevant to DACA and immigrants safety. President Obama asked for Dreamers data while President. This data can now be used to target them by the current administration. Now he’s helping Facebook get data by posting his support of DACA only on Facebook.

Happy Pride: If you’re using that Facebook LGBT flag emoticon, a small request.

LGBT Pride flag photo credit: Ted Eytan cc
Happy Pride! I’ve got a few words for everyone who is excited about Facebook putting out a new rainbow flag icon during LGBT Pride month this June. Facebook sponsored the RNC after many many anti-queer stances by the GOP. A major Facebook shareholder has been a core part of Il Dupe’s campaign. Facebook sent its COO to help give Il Dupe a photo of business support when his new election was in doubt. Facebook also took a long time to address the real names policy which posed a true threat to many queer folks. Thanks to Roma Roma and more who advocated on this issue. Enjoy Pride but know that real LGBTIQQ2S leadership comes from lives lived, real risk and real backbone. Here’s to the drag queens and the civil rights activists and to every queer who came before me. Thank you. Here’s to every kid and every grown up coming out to themselves. Welcome! I care. Here’s to every small town queer, every swishy boy in the south, every person getting policed by someone else’s discomfort around gender.
If you’re not queer and you really want to be supportive, rather than focusing your energy on displaying something about you…ask queer folks you know about their lives, about the parts you don’t get to see, that people don’t always post about. Be an interested person and a willing listener to folks who have often been through a great deal. Among many other stories, there are people who have been through a plague and were never really heard by the straight part of the country. Signal boost their feeds this month. Realize that queer people you know are always reading your posts, all year long. Take some time and learn about the gay pogroms happening in Chechnya and the serious obstacles still here in the US for many queer folks legal and otherwise.
Queer folks often have to deal with their biggest challenges in the families they grow up in. This can mean anything from difficulty to outright abuse and losing a home and these things can begin as early as 3.
Now that Pride is a more popular and commercially acceptable thing to decorate for, I ask you to consider using Facebook for something that truly can matter and make a difference. And that will come from you, your witnessing, your time attention and caring, not from any symbol. Showing one queer person you care and are interested in really hearing what something was like to live through and deal with can make a meaningful difference. Queer lives are often code switched.
So this is my Pride wish: that every person on Facebook who isn’t queer and wants to use that flag emoticon thing also is willing to spend the time online to ask, listen to and acknowledge one queer person once this month.
Thanks for your time.

On Wonder Woman

My first play at around 10: Sheep in the Stomach.

I am not into super heroes. I never identified with Wonder Woman. I wanted to be part of the first weekend grosses for Patty Jenkins.

I still sobbed in the middle of the movie tonight because for a moment I could see what it would have been like at 10 to see a woman be this strong and unafraid. And I could imagine, in a flash, what kind of impact that would have had on my life and the lives of my peers for the years we’ve had. And I could see what it’ll mean for the 10 year old girls now. And I wished it had come out a year ago because I seriously think it would have helped HRCs campaign because it will impact the culture in a broad way about strong women and strength and love and doing what’s right. I was also thrilled that Patty Jenkins got this gig and did such a fantastic job. This is not a genre of film I particularly like (though I even imagined tonight how much fun it would be to act in a film like this which I’d never considered before because I hadn’t seen my own athleticism and strength as skills for film). But I really enjoyed this movie. I would have been happy if the movie never left the island with the Amazons (no surprise there). Maybe It’s a genre I *could* love. One I could make.

Here’s to a future of unapologetic women taking power and directing whatever the hell we want.

On Disinfo, Louise Mensch, Our Feeds and Can We Have A Legit 2018 Election?

 I came *this close* to posting this on Facebook without putting it here first. This is a bad habit I have acquired. I don’t get to spend as much time with my friends as I used to. FB designed a platform that lets us see each others faces/avatars and thread quicker it feels more like we are *with* each other than on blogs. I spent many years in Silicon Valley asking WordPress developers and many others to give us better tools for tummeling, for the social connection between us and to allow us to make it. I’ve advocated and tried to show how putting social and emotional goals *first* (and learning the skills to do so) makes all the difference in building more human social platforms that serve human goals and not financial ones of centralized control and manipulation. I have had some influence but the problem still stands. And it’s only increased because it seems the last election was turned in part, by disinfo.
Louise Mensch’s initial post about FISA warrants and Comey caught my eye and she was on it long before the MSM (I just went to her site to find and link it and couldn’t so that’s interesting in itself). It was the first idea I saw anywhere that there may have been more going on with the leaked letter about HRC’s emails than what was on the surface. I spent time in a whole bunch of twitter feeds around her to pick up some ideas and still do some. I filtered out personality as much as possible and read for info and then looked at many other feeds and sources and considered it. I didn’t pass on anything unconfirmed. But I unfollowed Mensch and Taylor on twitter once journalists I have more faith in are more involved and now that the FBI and whomever else (I don’t know) is managing a leak and other strategy. The game is on.
I’m generally dubious about anyone who leads with beefs and reactions and name calling. Our media has just been so full of that. It’s toxic to sit in that soup. I appreciate and endeavor to make mindful critiques. But non-stop reaction is not a great idea. 
That said I still embrace citizen journalism and parts of the threads between folks around Louse Mensch months ago reminded me a bit of earlier twitter days when twitter was just days ahead of CNN on major revolutions in countries. There is definitely bitterness and reaction beefs from MSM guys too who don’t like being scooped or feel like someone has to pay their regular media dues to be entitled to get cited and referenced.  
Also the abject failure of MSM in the campaign was enormous and they haven’t all just earned trust back. All the falling for HRC email crap? Where was all this Russia reporting then? Who looked deeply into Il Dupe’s obvious money laundering then? They liked the easy clicks and misogyny runs very very very deep in our culture.  
HRC literally spelled out the connection between Donald’s campaign and Russia in the debates. Did the mainstream media really grok that and pressure Il Dupe over and over on it? Mhhmm. Even with their own freedom to report in peril!   
FB has been almost completely let off the hook by a MSM happy to print puff personality and book pieces (and donations) fed to them by the company even as there has been admission or bragging by Il Dupe’s campaign they ran vote suppression campaigns on Facebook (on which presumably Facebook made money).  So everything we’re reading is influenced by ongoing disinfo.
When, as HRC said Il Dupe is Putin’s puppet, 17 ICs are investigating disinfo / hacking the election, what makes people and MSM believe we will have a legit 2018 election? This is not paranoia when it is just listening to investigations. Or perhaps I should say, what makes white people think we definitely will have a legit 2018 election? Because voter suppression has been a tactical strategy of the GOP for a long time. It is worth using this filter in reviewing everything we see in social media feeds and what comes up when. Many very smart people I know don’t grasp (and seem to not want to hear) that their FB feed is not just something they and their friends control.
It is important to ask what media you get access to and when you see it and what other motivations there could be. FB and twitter are huge media platforms not held to the same standards or understanding as traditional broadcast and print. We know FB ran emotional manipulation studies. They may still run them. Do they sell this? Our behavior isn’t just affected by artificial news but what we see who we see it from and when. All other media platforms are *dependent* upon them now for traffic. They control, without public accountability how much we see of the news from various sources. Both made our feeds  stop being chronological. There’s now no expectation you’ll see something when it was posted or from everyone your follow or friend. This is true in many countries with many political situations. Disinfo is now a major weapon of the war we are clicking in. We know that FB and many other tech cos willingly sent top execs and gave photo op of legitimacy to Il Dupe when he was in his earliest days and doubted the most. 
FB *sponsored* the RNC even after the GOP candidate mocked disabled people said all kinds of racist stuff and intentions, ran pror-Nazi style rallies, was incredibly sexist etc etc. FB has a Board member who is a major advisor to Il Dupe
FB and twitter *could have stopped and still could* the effort at autocracy anytime. They haven’t and they haven’t been questioned by other MSM about it much, if at all. It’s the same media who depend on these platforms now to get lunch, so they hand over their lunch money.
As annoying as it is and as imperfect as this post is I am not forcing myself to go to my website and post it there first. Because I know that without this practice media *is* controlled by these platforms. It was annoying to learn to always put my seatbelt on back in the days when it first became the law. But with enough practice it became a simple, much safer habit. Please do not forget we have the open web.
It is openness and real *earned* trust autocracy cannot bear. Autocrats trust no one. They only control. Trust cannot be built by hacking. Trust isn’t grown by twitter and Facebook . These companies rely upon the existing trust in networks you have and the ones you build. They have no accountability to the people using the platforms but to the companies to which they sell data.
Trust demands real openness and owned-up imperfection. There is no quick acquisition technique for real trust. We must practice openness and feel our own power in order for it to operate. Do not just hand it over to a guy who’d like to be an autocract or to some social media platforms that take full advantage of our fundamental hard-wired need to connect socially without doing much to assist it.
Let’s post on our blogs. Let’s take time to get together. Don’t get in the hole. 

She Sets the Gold Standard for Comedy in the Bay Area


This lovely piece on me just ran in the J Weekly.

And it ran without a request to tell me “just one thing!! that familiar bit of Jewish criticism a/k/a love from one bubbeleh comes after so many shows. California changes my people.

The next Yarn is coming up on the 7th in Oakland. Hope to see you there. You’ll find tickets here.


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