You spend your days building better and richer ways for many people to connect online. Find a better way to connect in person, too. Make public speaking something interactive and awesome. In this highly participatory workshop, you’ll learn the conversational mechanics that let you create quick connection and keep people interested. Learning how to be yourself in public allows you to be more emotionally engaging and effective. Go from talking AT or TO a group of people to talking WITH them. Understand interactions between people better. Collaborate, armed with insight about how you and your team can get to the good stuff together.

Topics Covered:

  • *Your* personal challenges and resources
  • How to have a commanding presence
  • A deep dive into reading people and the room
  • Handling conflict
  • Introversion and nervousness
  • Drawing people out
  • Designing for and scaling conversation

No prior experience speaking required.

NO slides, bullet points or laptops.

Learn how to spend less time preparing for presentations and meetings, and how to be more effective in the room when they happen.

About Heather Gold

Heather Gold teaches insights from her unique approach to interactive performance. Heather is a nationally-touring improv-trained comic, a frequent speaker and 20 year veteran of the web business (Apple, UX Week, Google, SXSW). Much to her parents’ delight, she holds degrees from Yale and Northwestern University Law School. Heather has spent thousands of hours on stage and over 10 years creating a web-influenced form of live performance that involves and connects the audience with each other. Clients have included Automattic, PagerDuty, and Freshbooks.

Past workshop and speaking clients:

  • Automattic
  • Get Satisfaction
  • Freshbooks
  • PagerDuty
  • IDEO
  • hot studio
  • Institute for the Future
  • O’Reilly
  • Google


“A great team building experience! We’ve incorporated her approach into our work with partners and clients every day.”
– Sarah Brooks, hot studio Director of Social Innovation

“Stretched our teams brains in ways their daily routine never does. Potent and fun!”
– Corey Reid, Director R&D Talent, Freshbooks

“Great unconventional training for presenters!”
-Paul Kim, VP User Growth, Automattic

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