My tummeling talk at Xerox Parc for BayCHI / social interaction designers

A conversational “talk” about the importance of emotion and tummeling, and why we need to understand human interaction not simply in terms of interfaces but as something we humans do with each other. If we are to have social spaces that encourage and support human-human interaction, then this needs to be a central goal for those who create virtual and real-life social spaces. The role of interaction designers, coders, and other UX folks are critical if we are to have a web that serves human needs rather than the other way around

Yes this talk included the term Human-Human Interaction in the title. That’s how interaction designers talk. For the rest of us, I’m talking about people talking with each other.

For more conversations about how people connect, check out my podcast with Deb Schultz and Kevin Marks:

Thanks to Josef Berger for recording and posting the talk.

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