We want your hot liquid cash infusion!

Young duck, looking to join your neatly assembled row…

Nubile, Digital Media playas seeks older mature company for steamy rendezvous or serious LTR. Enjoy the thrill of a young, agile company who gets it. Plenty of experience with wanna-be CEO Pygmalions, now we need the real thing! Expert shape-shifter: can be whatever you want! Naughty venture tiring of a life of experimentation, needs your firm hand and deep pockets. Looking for someone to masterfully teach us about the world, operations, business models and A/R.

Relationship Desired: Monogamous or Open. Can’t be choosers.

Nicknames: Visionary, paradigm-shifter, computer-whiz, codeboy.

Music / Film likes: All kinds, and can categorize genres expertly with our staff of eager, underemployed, liberal-arts education, music fan editors. Can assess your music preferences 32 different ways and then intimately respond: one-to-one.

Tattoos: John Perry Barlow and Herve Villechaize on each cheek.

Favourite Book: Loved Start-up and Sleeping Beauty, but lately we’ve been reading the Bible.

Turn ons: launch parties, embroidered denim shirts, dinner with Orrin Hatch, changing the world, cell phones on belts, Blackberries.

Turn Offs: hard work, patience, communicating with regular people, profitability.

Drugs: only socially, (during Comdex and while making Power Point presentations).

Heroes: Ayn Rand, Luke Skywalker.

Education: webmonkey.com and Harvard Business School.

Intellectual Property: We oppose its existence, except when it comes to software we write, unless of course someone with money feels differently about it, or we are sued.

Orientation: Can stream, download, cache or go P2P.

Religion: any platform with enough market-share. Conversion a possibility for generous consort.

In our free time: Foosball, burning CDs, cruising the Pho list, bashing Hilary Rosen and protecting our beloved First Amendment through the defense of Eminem’s artistry. We are passionate about what we believe and what we do. It’s all about the music!!

In our own words: Our perfect date is a romantic stroll down the Street, punctuated by little stops at Bear Stearns and Robertson Stephens. We take your Lear Jet, join the mile high acquisition club and land in SF for a party in Audio Alley with our diverse array of content and technology West Coast friends. Our romance makes them green with envy as they shower us with resumes and back rubs. Breakfast at Bucks the next morning for the perfect pancakes. We make headlines and Fwds all week long.

In short, naive, but experienced at riding the wave. A survivor. This ad should prove it. Location, looks unimportant. Public stock a must. No baggage, plenty of our own, thank you!