Thanksgiving with CIA dad.

Last night at JFK:
Me: Here for vacation?

She: Not really. Thanksgiving with my dad.

Me: Knowing look.

She: But we’re staying at a hotel.

Me: Great idea.

She: My dad still thinks the war in Iraq is a good idea.

Me: Is he one of the 20 people in the country who still think George Bush is doing a great job?

She: Yep. He’s super Republican. Was in the CIA.

Me: Look of realization. Oh he’s one of those “my dad beat me for my own good” kind.

She: Look of surprise. How did you know?

Me: It’s how the narrative works. Have you read Alice Miller?

She: No.

Me: It must have been really hard to grow up in that.

She: Sad look. It was.

This is the country’s politics in a nutshell. Did you know it was hard? (sad feelings/independent thought) or was it for your own good? (let’s head into Iran! Giuliani, here we come!)