Social ninjas: Join me tonight for the first Tummel live video show.

Heather Gold, Deb Schultz and Kevin Marks talk tummeling: the art of energetically bringing things together: tech, culture, business and people.

Watch and join us on Tues Sept 22nd at 7pm PST/10pm EST

How this started:

Kevin is was at the microphone at the Supernova conference a year or two ago addressing <a href=”“>Clay Shirky</a> who had presented his now classic book Here Comes Everybody. Kevin was insistent that there was often more to people randomly connecting and just showing up at places together. There must be people and methods which who played a serious role in making this thing happen. How do you deliberately create what is called community or a meaningful connection? Deb Schultz and I were there and so happy to meet a fellow traveller. We’d spent a lot time connecting businesses and people. We knew a lot in our own ways about how to deliberately create ways and spaces for meaningful connection. We all embraced the word tummeling. Kevin is a technologist, Deb creates business connections and I perform and create useful conversations. We are all sure that business and technology were created by and for people.

Join us tonight for our pilot live video podcast at with our first guest, tech and business advisor Jerry Michalski

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