I remember Felice

I remember Felice, originally uploaded by subvert.com.

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I am grateful to the Network:

of information that has allowed people to find out about Felice’s death and to find each other and share our grief and memories

of people who form the impact and meaning of a life. Felice was what geeks would refer to as a “supernode.” She had a wide impact. She had a strong impact. This is because she had a strong “signal.” A loving, robust way of being alive.

of Pelham Manor, the community she and her family have lived in for the past 4 years. A community that seems it will continue to hold her family close and support them.

of kick-ass women. The many women who’s lives were touched by Felice and that touched hers. My hope is for her daughters Rachael and Lily to find mothering from that vast network.