The C Word: me and @jenkober


Winner of Curve Magazine’s 2005 National Theatre Award
Three comics. Two shows. One night. A thousand women.

The SF Weekly called The C Word “a lesbian force of nature.”

The C Word is a new comedy that takes a riotous queer romp through Pop Culture. Nationally-touring San Francisco comedians Heather Gold and Jen Kober have created a show that combines love, sex, dance and food into one big ball of high energy carb burning fun.

The show includes sketches, songs, and tons of improvised moments as these two whirlwind comedy forces take the audience on a laughter–filled ride that celebrates a new generation of Queer Comedy.

Gold brings with her an acerbic astonishing wit while Kober infuses the show with her powerful Southern energy. Together, these two put on a show-stopping musical comedy extravaganza that will leave you humming the tunes and buying the T-shirts. Newcomer Chantal Carrere hosts the show, anchoring the night in her observational humor and bringing everyone along for the thrills that Kober and Gold have planned.

The Devil-Ettes: kitschy, campy, retro-cuties and San Franciscco’s Sweethearts, the premiere all-girl dance troupe, join in the fun. The C Word takes an honest, funny look at all the images and headlines that are shaping the lives of real lesbians.

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