A big fat lesbian party

I went to the 30th anniversary party for NCLR (National Center for Lesbian Rights) last Saturday thanks to a friend and donor’s generosity.

There were sexy acrobats hanging from sheets and lesbian hair from every era and to top it off, Martina Navratilova, the first real, out lesbian I ever saw and the best tennis player too.

In the mdst of the festivities they auctioned off a racquet of Martina’s from the 70s. It was used to win a Grand Slam in mixed doubles. It fetched (with a hug), more than $14,000 via live auction.

And the fearless leader let us all know, they’d “raised enough to cut off Antonin Scalia’s left ball.” It was like Eugene Levy stating that the Jewish media conspiracy had finally achieved it’s goal of worldwide domination via rugelach.

It was a room of many ethnicities, races, genders and finances. I’ve never before been at any hoo hah event where the folks with the most money didn’t seem to be treated like they were from a distinctly superior caste.

I wished I had a bank account with a million dollars in it so I too could write a cheque and give it to Kate Kendall to stuff in her shirt with the other spontaneous donations. Like she said, they can’t wait to close the doors on NCLR. But they won’t do it one day before we have full equality.